About Directories

Telugu association of greater Kansas City, TAGKC, is a nonprofit organization consisting of over 1000 members residing in and around Kansas City. The purpose of the organization is to promote culture, help and support the local Telugu community. Every year TAGKC publishes a directory with updated information for all its members with local businesses and services. 

It is a great way to reach more than 500+ families within the Kansas City community and our members use the directory to find the required services throughout the year. It was proven over the past several years that it is a very effective way to develop leads and business opportunities. We request you to advertise in our directory to improve your reach in local Indian community while supporting a local non-profit organization.

Below are our prices for popular advertising options:

Premium Full Page:                                   $500.00

Full Page for Business:                             $250.00

Half Page for Business:                            $150.00

Full Page Individual:                                 $150.00

Half Page Individual:                                $75.00


Upon completion of the ad campaign, the directory will be distributed to our member community (around 800+ members) and business sponsors around the mid-April timeframe.  Furthermore, we will not only be doing the directory paper book but also be placing your ad on the TAGKC web portal where our member community visits frequently to check in on community updates, etc.

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