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TAGKC Dasara & Diwali Celebrations - 2015 !!

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Telugu Association of Greater Kansas City (TAGKC) will be celebrating Dasara & Diwali Cultural Programs on

Saturday 21st November 2015

from 3 PM to 9 PM

at Olathe South High School Auditorium


1640 East 151 st street,

Olathe, KS 66062.

TAGKC Program committee invites all the members to come forward with enthusiasm and enroll for cultural activity of your choice like dance, drama, mimicry, magic, singing, Poems etc.

Program items should be creative and reflect Telugu/ Indian culture. Participants should try to incorporate flavor of our rich culture and heritage in their activity.

Program committee would like you to read the following rules before you make a registration. Please note that the program committee shall reserve the right should there be any discrepancies.

  • A group registration should contain at least 6 participants. While the committee shall try it’s best to not add any kids to a pre-formed group, the program committee may request the teacher to accept more folks should there be a need while forming groups.
  • All participants should pay the participation fee during the registration period and the teacher is responsible for collecting these fees in a group registration.
  • All programs (including programs for adults) must be registered during the registration period. No last-minute or late entries shall be entertained.
  • No participant shall be allowed to participate in more than one program, even if it is for a brief moment of time.
  • No solo performances for kids under 18 years shall be allowed for any programs. Solo programs for adults shall only be allowed in exceptional scenarios and if time permits after all the programs are finalized.
  • Participants are not allowed to switch groups once the practice begins. Any participant changing groups after practice commencement shall not be allowed to participate in the event. For all Songs and Dance programs, the tracks should be handed over to the program committee at least 4 weeks before the event.
  • To eliminate duplication, the Song names should be emailed to the committee along with the registration. If multiple group select the same song or a piece of song, the group that first sends us this information will be allowed to use those songs. It will be on a first-come first-serve basis, and other groups shall be requested to pick a different song. unless it is a true classical program.
  • Only tracks from Telugu movies should be used for songs and dances, unless it is a true classical program.
  • To maintain a better quality of the program, every program (NO Exceptions), including adults programs, need to be reviewed by the committee at least 2 weeks before the event.

Please register using the options below. 

Please scroll down for Frequently Asked Questions !




  1. Individual group members may proceed to complete the step 1, once this activity is successfully complete; PayPal sends a confirmation email. This mail has your order number associated with this transaction.
  2. Provide the order Number(s) received from the above step to the Group Coordinator/ Choreographer/ Teacher.
  3. Group coordinator/ Choreographer/ Teacher may complete the step 2 [Register (Group)] using the above information provided by all group members/ parents.

  1. Group coordinator/ Choreographer/ Teacher may complete the step 1 by paying for all Participants (example 6 partcipants).
  2. Once the above activity is successfully complete, PayPal will sends a confirmation mail with your Order Number.
  3. Group coordinator/ Choreographer/ Teacher may complete the step 2 [Register (Group)] using the Order Numbers provided from the above activity, and other participant details.

  • Yes. The participants need to complete Step 1. And complete Step 2 as a [Register (Individual)] and in comments section, indicate the group the participant would like to be added to.

  • Yes. TAGKC will help find a group for you/ your child. Please complete Step 1. And complete Step 2 [Register (Individual)], and in comments section, indicate that you need help with finding a group.

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